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Our history and values

During a ski trip to Europe, the owners of Le P’tit Caribou (multi award winning after-ski bar, Mt Tremblant, Québec), enjoyed an energy drink for the first time. The former national ski champs were suitably impressed, and were convinced they could create a better drink for their active lifestyle…a product which would not only taste better, but would also provide sustained energy and hydration at the same time. And all in a healthy way, naturally. That was it! The BASE Concept company was born, leading directly to its star product, the BASE Energy drink.

Since the boys enjoyed life as much in the evening as they did during the day, and indulging and celebrating with friends was a way of life, they formulated their energy drink to be mixed liberally with vodka without the bad side effects of a high concentration of caffeine and taurine-based product. Base was therefore developed with a carefully planned dose of natural herbs and without taurine.

“There’s always something better out there” that’s the motto inspiring everything that BASE develops. And it all started with this recipe: Siberian Ginseng, Brazilian Guarana, Ginkgo Biloba and Canadian Echinacea. These ingredients form the body and soul of Base Energy – something purer, something healthier, something tastier. In short, everything that is best…

Not just a list of ingredients, BASE is an attitude and a way of life, choosing today, without compromising tomorrow. Its sole focus is enabling you to become better.

For Base, maintaining equilibrium in life is an important aspiration. A balanced body and mind leads to a better life…This equilibrium not only gives you a quick boost of energy, it also prolongs that sense of well-being for longer periods. Better yet, Base is perfectly placed to allow you to make the most of life.

Over the years, the Base Concept company has established itself as a savvy expert on energy and hydration beverages, offering a delicious range of high quality products which fully satisfy those – active of mind and body – who are seeking vitality, performance and hydration, all from the same Brand. To each their own Base, dawn, day, dusk, evening or late night… for better living, naturally!

Following the fortune of the shooting red star, all BASE products are entirely created and designed by an all-star team, entirely made up of ex-athletes and health professionals, all dedicated to maintaining a healthy body and mind.


Base Energy Drink

Today’s fast-paced living constantly demands peak performance to get the best out of life. A plethora of products are out there, supposedly to help get you through the daily grind. But how many of these offerings actually provide you with a healthy source of energy and hydration?

Base is the energy drink which offers you the balance between energy and hydration. It allows you to reach and maintain higher energy levels and enhanced performance, for longer periods. These winning characteristics are combined with the unique taste of wild berries.

The entire range of Base energizing products offers you optimal solutions adapted to the active lifestyles of busy people, who just like you, place a high premium on their wellbeing and are sticklers when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of the products they consume.

The flexible energy formula of Base (System Base) energizing drinks enables you to discover the type and amount of energy boost which best suit your needs. That’s the unwavering base of Base Concept – products that are in synch with whatever unfolds for each of your 24-hour days. Need a boost of functional energy? A surge of stimulating energy? Hydration support? To each their own Base, 24/7, for full-on better living!

Base…a taste for better living.